Welcome to ExecTeam!
Your trusted business and practice management advisor.

Welcome to ExecTeam

Your trusted business and practice management advisor

ExecTeam is an insights-driven consulting firm, here to purposefully guide you through practice management needs and concerns. Founded on two principals—empathy and action—our team is dedicated to defining your vision and business goals in order to establish a successful and profitable practice. 


ExecTeam was founded by Robert Chavez—arguably one of the leading clinical and business minds working in healthcare today. MORE HERE

Unlike other management consulting firms, ExecTeam is here to solve your problems by listening to pain points and crafting conscientious strategies to achieve measurable results.  


We contextualize your business objectives—patient flow, access, billing and finance—by bringing a team of solution providers to the table. LEARN MORE

“Robert is amazing. His depth of knowledge about healthcare and his network make him one of our most valued partners—he brings game and he makes LIFT smarter. I have never met anyone with his knowledge and his willingness to work. Proud to know him and honored to work with him.”